Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Snow White Project #10

A white on white pageant face dress has just been completed. It's made like the blue and white little dress (a few posts down) I made that she placed Official Winner at the local preliminary LA Our Little Miss, except its white on white on white. 

A two layer white sheer organza full skirt with a white satiny top layer skirt all filled with curls and curls of the fish line hem. 

I always make the skirt first. I like the end result of all the curls with the fish line hem. 

The top empire bodice is white on white on white, too.  The satiny white topped with a row of organza trim with white sparkles. 

It all comes together nicely with a sheer organza bow at front side bodice line and a sheer organza bow at middle back bodice line. 

A little minor shape to the hem line by forming the curls in unison and spray with hair spray to hold the curls (haha). Seriously, that's what you do. then hang upside down to create the shapely skirt. 

Ready to be worn in the next few weeks at the LA Our Little Miss State competition. We will see how we do and if she wins its on to Our Little Miss Nationals.  


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