Friday, May 16, 2014

Burp!!!*%:&!! Project 13

Baby projects are still on the table. Taking about 8 hours of my night I made 6 baby burp cloths. The 8 hours including measuring, cutting, ironing, hunting thru my stash for all the trims and  fabric, and a lot of time switching from sewing machine to sewing machine and changing thread a lot. 

All I bought was a package of Birds Eye pre folded cloth diapers for $8.96 plus tax. Everything else I had in my stash. 

Some embroidered, some plain, some fancy, some with trim, some without. Pinks, lavenders, greens and yellows. 
(Note the blue ribbon? Remember from a few posts down it really truly is a purple. It just comes out blue in pictures) 

Their all finished and rolled and makes a nice set of 6 for a baby to burp and spit up on for her first few months or more. 

And placed all in a row in a little box 

With a pink bow. 


  1. Preparations for the new Baby ! How Exciting ! The burp pads are adoreable. Very Cute (for burp pads). They are truly pretty - with all the pretty trim work & monogramming.

  2. So clever and sweet! Too pretty for burps! Lucky. Little baby!


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