Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Minky Lavender Rosette

Project #12:
I'm still working on baby stuff making a quick simple baby quilt. I finished it in 5 hours one afternoon with a few breaks to fix leftovers for dinner and a few loads of clothes thrown in the washer and dryer. 

I was waiting for the lavender minky rosette fabric to arrive. I ordered it online and I have had the other supplies just waiting on the side. I've done some other  projects using the minky fabric and I absolutely love minky. 

For this quilt I had bought a fabric pre-quilt panel. The mom choose all shades of lavender to make the quilt with. 

First I embroidered the baby name on the quilt in lime green. 

This quilt is actually a reproduction of a similar quilt we made for the moms 1st baby, only it was in pinks. So it's just a re-run. 

I made my quilt sandwich. The fact that I had a club sandwich for lunch made me really appreciate the quilt sandwich. I wanted it stacked nice and neat and high like my club sandwich.

The top is the fabric quilt panel, then the batting in the center, and the minky on the bottom.  I used "tacky spray" to temporary adhere my sandwich together.  I love, love, love this tacky spray.  I don't know what I ever did with out it.  It makes life so much easier.  Everything stays together just the way you put them the first time. 

I left a 5" minky border around each side of the top two layers to use as my quilt edging. Even though I "tacky sprayed" each layer together, I also pinned all along each side.  Then cut. 

Machine stitching is easier when I know all the layers are stuck together temporarily with the "tacky spray" and the project comes out so smooth with no puckers or bunches.  

I machine stitched in the ditch beginning with the right side of the piece.  I stitched along each pre-made seam, flower, stem, leaf, and butterfly giving each object a 3-D effect. And lifting the  pressure foot and turning project piece a lot. 

You know you have to work your way in an organized way and keep the excess project neatly rolled to be able to pass the project thru the arm while sewing and turning all at one time. 

Then I turned the edging over and pinned and added a purple ruffle satin trim to the edge all around. The picture shows the   minky and the ruffle trim as blue. But I promise it is all lavender and purple.  

It's finished! This shows blue. 

But it is lavender and purple. This picture is a little better for the color. But still not the true color. 

It'll be soft and snuggly for the baby.



  1. This is so cute and I have NEVER heard of the tacky spray!! Totally going to have to try it sometime! Thanks for the tutorial and ideas! xo, lauren

    1. I should have stated that the "tacky spray" is for fabric and the brand is "Aleene's".

  2. It is Beautiful ! Very Beautiful ! Brynlee Rae will LOVE it ! I love the border.


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