Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sweet Little Baby Shower

There was a little baby shower for my #3 grandchild a few weeks back. Only an intimate gathering of family and close friends. Though it is the expecting couple's 2nd baby and second baby girl, it's not like they really need any of the necessities for a newborn, except maybe diapers, new bibs that aren't stained, etc.  That's why it was just a little gathering to acknowledge the excitement and love for the new baby's coming.

The theme was Litttle Lamb.

Picture this: (because there are not many pictures)
 A lamb banner in pastel pink, white, and purple draped across the window in the dining area where the table centerpiece of a fluffy white round ice cream cake sat upon a glass pedestal surrounded by munches of drumettes, tiny club sandwiches, chips and hot dip (ro-tel hot with chile and velveeta) and a trio of pink peonies in a glass vase.

Only a couple pictures of the pre-preparations. Can't believe I took no pictures of the set up table. Or the guest. Or the gifts. 

Little printed white lambs attached to tiny white pom pom garland lined the front of the table with spelling the new baby's name. 

A trio of pink peonies added a touch of pink for the baby girl. (Thank you Stacy!!)

A game of quess the number of hershey kisses in a mason jar with a printed little lamb on the lid was played by all. The actual number was written on the inside of the lid for a fair and quick way to announce the winner. 

The mom and dad and big sister and Molly, too, opened the lovely gifts brought by friends and family. A basket of little stuffed lambs sat amongst the gifts, along with a personalized onesie tutu for the new little one. 

Such cute sweet gifts for the sweet new baby due today, May 31st. This post is late and past due and seems as if the baby is too! 

Sweet new baby to be welcomed by her big sister Brooklyn, Mom and Dad, and Molly-Dog, too. 


  1. Congrats to all! I hope the wait is not long and I understand not getting pics..sometimes you get so busy and I like to enjoy myself too..that I forget that I'm suppose to photograph the event..Oh well, sounds like it was fun!

  2. It was truly a time of Celebration - - pictures or no pictures !


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