Monday, May 12, 2014


We have a ball player already. 

Cohen caught on real quick what to do with the t-ball set. And he wouldn't let you help him at all. 


Great eye contact and a hit every time.

He was the batter every time. I was the catcher and fielder every time. A lot of work for me. 

He has a good arm there too. 

I'll be finding myself on the ball field in about 3 years. 


  1. I know u & Grandpa will enjoy those ball games ! Cohen will make a great ball player !

  2. He seems to do it quite well - - He's growing so quickly !

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  4. That's the biggest bat I've ever seen! Great way to introduce a sport plus good exercise for him and you! So fun!

  5. So cute! Are the peonys coming up for you? Mine are peeking out now and will bloom in the next few weeks.


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