Thursday, September 4, 2014


I cannot help myself. I love winning at pageants. Seems the outfits I make for pageants keep winning. And I am getting addicted to them winning. 

I may not be aware that my behavior is out of control and causing problems for myself and others. But all they have to do is say no and then I wouldn't have anyone to sew for.  But the mom likes the fun and competition of it with her friends and the little one actually likes to go on stage. 

So for now, we continue on with the addiction of pageant fever. Until the little one starts crying and says "no".

Last weekend was another winner! Ok, so she doesn't look too happy here. 
Maybe she wanted Queen and not 1st Runner Up. 

Pink Poodle In Paris Pageant was all about a little pink. And our pink received 1st Runner Up and Division Fashion Winner. 

Gosh I love my job!



  1. Cute outfit! Maybe you should go into the business of making outfits for other pageant kiddos when your Grandbaby is done with it! Those things are expensive and you do such a beautiful job!

  2. Beautiful Outfit - - on a Beautiful Little Girl


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