Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Restaurant Review

We stopped in a restaurant in the Capitol City that was once a well-known establishment. In my younger days it was the place we as youth went after church services and then in my younger married life we went there when we dated and then with our kids. My reason for choosing it, this particular time, was the Hot Fudge Cake that I craved when I saw the Shoney's sign.

We came to the conclusion it was a mistake to patronize this establishment, as the clues kept piling up.

Clue #1
     Not one, but three waitresses came to our table.

Clue #2
     The waitress wrote our order on a napkin from her pocket.

Clue #3
     There was no lettuce on the salad bar. Even after asking a waitress if they could put some out. We never saw any. Therefore, no salad with our entree, which came with a salad.

Clue #4
      The cutlery was all bent. Especially the fork tines. Could these be the original cutlery from the inception of this location since it was obvious there had been no remodel to the building or sign ever?. It's just as I remembered all the locations from way back when.

Clue #5
      The side of onion rings I had ordered was never served. When I asked the waitress to be sure and remove it from our ticket, she promptly said she didn't turn the onion rings in on the order.

As we waited for our food, we made the decision we would pay with cash, not the debit card. We weren't sure this was a bonafide restaurant establishment what with all the strange things going on. Maybe there was some illegal goings on and the restaurant part was just a cover. We were really unsure why the heck we were still sitting there. The day was beginning to all come together for we had just spent the morning at a gun show on a tax free weekend. Get it?

We did:
1) order me a  Hot Fudge Cake, which was absolutely delicious, just as I remembered.
2) tip the young waitress. Hopefully she learned a few things with us.
3) vowed to just savor my Shoney's memories and not re-vive or re-live them.

Moral to the this post:
     This is the year 2014. Not the 1980's.



  1. I'm glad you got your dessert in good order and shape! I think I would have left but sometimes you just hope it will get better...anyway, have a good weekend!

  2. I don't even know where a Shoneys is that is still open!

  3. Oh Yes - - "the days of our Youth" - -such wonderful memories ! Matter of fact - - an ole church friend from the days of our Youth - - still share a Sunday School Class. We manage to reminisce - - with laughter - - enjoyable moments from the days of our Youth! Some of those moments occurring at "Shoney's" !


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