Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Good Little Witch (Project #19)

September brings out all the fall and Thanksgiving and Halloween theme things. I am clinging to summer because it's my favorite of all seasons. But, as hard as it was to leave the thoughts of summer for a day, I
brought out the Halloween fabric in my stash to see what would evolve.

A little inspired witch dress with black and yellow bows and trim. Yes, the two bows are uneven. Just a little tweak can remedy that.

Every witch needs striped tights. Purple striped tights for this little witch.

Black boots blinged up and turned into black witche's lace up high top boots.

The end result is a cute, cute, cute good little witch.

Now we have to find a Halloween dress-up pageant and a Halloween party.


  1. I love Halloween and I think your creation is wonderful! She'll look fabulous in it and I'm sure you'll find a place for her to wear it!


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