Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tin Man Sparkly Project #21

Something sparkly has been going on.
Silver and glitter and shine can only mean one thing. 


It's a pageant theme wear for Wizard of Oz. 
It's my version of a girly Tin Man.using hallogram sequin fabric for the multi layer skirt. The top layer is a bubble effect where there is no hem line, it is just folded up to the waist band to give it the bubble look. The second skirt layer has the tulle gathered ruffle on the hem line. The top with sparkle silver tulle as a ruffle and Tin Man'sshiny red heart across the front has snap closure on back and tulle straps. Matching arm bands for the Tin Man, too..

 Shorts under neath from shiny silver stretch spandex fabric and boots from the same complete the head to toe Tin Man. The boots will stretch fit over shoes and the top is really straight tho it is crooked in the picture. 

Tin Man from head to toe all sparkly and blingy.

Another sewing blogger over at Sews n Bows also made a girly Tin Man about the same time I did and we didn't even know it. Check out her cute Tin Man, too! Tell her I sent you.


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