Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pre Halloween Dress-Up

Here's a look at a Halloween themed pageant we did. I had already made a few outfits just because I love to sew.
If you remember, from a few post back, they are an owl and a skull theme. 

A few modifications were made to the skull set:
* The pink bow on the front of the skirt was removed and a black bow added to back center
* black fish net wrist gloves with the one finger loop was also an added accessory. 

Look Whoooo was the owl. A baby owl with lots of baby down feathers. Not the scary schreeching black Halloween owl. But a super cute baby owl. 

And so cute that she was crowned Baby Grand Supreme! 

The skull look was just as cute. A skull with black heart eyes and a pink bow on the skull cannot be scary. This picture was after the stage event and changing for the next event. I could kick myself for not getting a complete picture with the boots showing and the black fish net wrist gloves with the finger loop. It was soooo cute.

Looking like a skull punk rocker, this outfit placed her Queen of the 2-3 year old division.  It's hard for a just turned 2 year old to compete with a almost turning 3 year old. So she did good.

Waiting to see what all 3 of the little ones look like in their trick or treat Halloween costumes on Friday. 

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  1. The girls make Beautiful Queens ! - - The outfits you made are Beautifully Well Designed!


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