Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Fall and Project #22

October 1 and the fun is just beginning. There's festivals, fairs, and birthdays. And sewing is included.  I don't spend every spare moment in my sewing room, tho I do enjoy it.

I came across a super cute fabric by accident. I was actually scouting around for some Halloween fabric of blacks and oranges but super unique, one of a kind design. 
Pink and black skull print. I took the skull as a Halloween theme. Although, it's probably a punk music rock theme. But super cute with black heart eyes and pink bows on the skull. 

And I turned it into this.

A full circle fish line hem skirt with a separate black sparkly organza petit skirt underneath.

The top has a V-accent on top edge and bottom edge trimed with the black sparkly organza in a ruffle effect around.

It will be paired with black boots with pink ruffle boot cuffs.  

I like it.

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  1. Very Creative & Adoreable ! Love the Color !


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