Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Counting Thing # 33 -37

It's October. With just 2 months left in the year. And I'm wayyyyyy behind on counting my Happy Days. The first of the year I started 100 Happy Days. I'll have all 100 up and running before the year is out.

Happy Day # 33 is next. Happy can be synonymous with Thankful. Thankful that this little one got all well after a 3 day stay in the hospital for an unknown diagnosis after high fever for 4 days. Her little arm stuck and an IV the whole time she was in. Thankful to report she is well as can be.

Happy Halloween Day # 34 is almost here. Always a fun Happy Night. I did carve a few pumpkins. By night they look scary. By day they are a sight to see, all crooked and wonky. But they are real. I've been known to use electric pumpkins all lined in a row. Which, by the way, they are ready and waiting if I need them at the last minute.

Day # 35 was spent happily with these two. Check out their blogs -- Peggy and Bobbie

A lunch Day #36 with these 3. 

Day # 37 is Me. 

Next I have to catch up on my Project counts. I challenged myself 1 project a week at the start of this year. I'm probably not going to beat the challenge with 52 projects. But pretty close I hope.



  1. I must say - - nice hair style you have in last photo in blog ! Also - - Thankful the little one was healed - - she was smiling - - even with an I.V. in her arm! Those 3 little ones are adoreable and growing so quickly ! Also - those 3 older Sisters sitting on the bench are cute also ! You have a Fun Family ! Happy Halloween !

  2. Hope your Halloween was fun...your pumpkins are great! That sweet little "pumpkin" is adorable and I'm glad she's better and home. Love the pics of you and your friends...the last pic of you is adorable! You're so cute!


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