Friday, January 2, 2015

Little Projects (#1)

Yes, there will be weekly projects in 2015. If you recall I posted 26 projects in 2014.

My first project of the year was with these little helpers.  I was babysitting all day with them and added a little project time in our day.  

Take 3 little ones, times 1 project, plus happy little fingers that were uncontrollable, equals a special little keepsake handprint.  

I found the kits on the after Christmas clearance shelf at 90% off. It's an actual form of polymer clay that you turn into a handprint.  

1) Knead the polymer clay, form into a ball and roll out on aluminum foil.  It actually included a little rolling pin in each kit.

2) A circular plastic ring was included to form the clay nice and round. 

3) After ump-teen times of making handprints in the clay, we finally settled for almost perfect prints.  

4) A small perfect hole made in the center top to put a ribbon for hanging. 

5) And my addition of glitter glue to paint each hand print came out so pretty.

6) 48 hours to cure and harden.

No pictures taken during the process because it was 3 against 1. Me being the 1. Needless to say I didn't have enough hands to take pictures. 

I sent their projects home with each one.
And many years from now I can tell them the story of this project. 

On a side note, I still have my very own similar handprint from when I was a little one.  


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  1. Your little 'babies' are so precious. - - - -I remember your little handprint from the days of your childhood - - - -that was a LONG time ago ! :>)


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