Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Coldest Night of the Winter

On this coldest night of this winter I spot a little deer in the road.  He/she does not dart across the road as the car comes near like all deer do and you slam on your brakes cause you know you are both going to run into each other.  Or when there are several darting across the road in a line formation, one right behind the other, and you luckily barely missed colliding.

This was a little lone deer who was stopped looking around probably for his/her mama who had probably already darted across ahead of her little one. I stopped to watch and make sure he/she got safely across before another vehicle came upon him/her. 

As I inched along he/she walked parallel to the road until I tooted my horn in sequence. That did the trick and he quickly darted across and jumped into the forest. 

I just hope his/her mama waited for her little one to find her. 

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  1. How thoughtful ! I bet the 'Mother Deer' was in the forest - - watching your kindness - - and waiting for the 'Little One'.


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