Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Back at it

Life kinda stop sometimes. Lazy, un-eventful, boring days, it seems. But in reality life is happening. You just have to find the fun. 

So this is me lately:

Loving when I'm on baby sitting duty.

They are so good. 

The two bigs are terrific two and a half year olds. 

Look...the same pose. Then and Now.  
One taken a year ago. The other taken just recently. 

And the little one. Good as gold. Never fusses. Always goes with the flow. 

Love my life.


  1. Very cute kiddos! You are blessed!

  2. What a wonderful way to enjoy 'Retirement' ! ! :>)

  3. Sweeties! Life isn't always exciting. It's those quiet slow days we should treasure.
    xx Beca

  4. you should take a picture like that every single year of those two


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