Saturday, March 28, 2015

Plan B

If it's not going as planned, do you have a Plan B? 

Or, never mind, I'll do it myself plan? 

I had to take the reigns myself this week and go to Plan B. 
I had taken the easy road (I planned) and ordered this cute little dress on Etsy for $23. Great price, cute outfit for an Easter theme pageant, and the seller promised It would be delivered on Friday. It would be a no stress pageant preparation day. 

Being in full pageant-getting-ready mode on Friday, the mail man came and went. No package.  The UPS guy never showed so no package. 

By 6pm I knew I had to make this happen. The pageant was the next day. And all parties involved expected and wanted this outfit. 

My fabric/trim stash had everything I needed.  And socks were on hand from a clearance purchase I had made earlier. Just because I knew one day I would need them in a rush.  

After cutting, sewing, appliquéing, and embellishment, and admiring my 5 hour rush job, I'm so thrilled of the outcome. 

The chick appliqué was made from a template printed from the computer. The chick appliquéd on, and tiny yellow and pink stones emblished around, is just perfect. 

A bow and boot toppers made it even cuter. 

So plan B was a success.  

Perfect fit and looks just like the Etsy one except the color. 

So Etsy, I don't need ya. I'll do it without you if I have too.  

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  1. Dress is Beautiful ! You are very Gifted !


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