Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Welcome Spring

Someone's FB page was welcoming spring with shots of beautiful blooms from her garden. 

It had me wandering outside to see what was showing up in my garden. I found blooming azaleas, iris', bridal wreaths.  And angel trumpets and hydrangeas sporting fresh green leaves amongst brown stems. Natures cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Just like our celebration of Easter. 

The biggest and most profound find was the wisteria along the front wood fence along the street. 

Years ago we stole, scavengered, helped ourselves to wild wisteria growing along the edge of a little country road with no traffic or houses in site.  Little new plants were sticking up everywhere under the huge overgrown wisteria vines. They were rooted very shallow and made pulling them up extremely easy. So we helped ourselves, brought them home and planted them.  

Voila! They embrace our fence with a  lovely shade of purple and have a sweet fragrance that I can smell everyday when walking down to check the mail. 

Only thing, the blooms are soon gone and then a thick green leafy vine takes over with the little velvet bean pods hanging everywhere.  

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