Monday, April 6, 2015

Food/Work Session

I spent an overnight/workday helping on a project and in return was served with delicious food prepared by the host of the project in her home. . She loves  to cook and never disappoints her guest.

Friday evening dinner was some of my favorites. On the menu was baked chicken, fresh homemade baked sweet potatoe fries, and baked asparagus. 

She has a Jen-Aire convection oven. And if you profess to be a cook you know that's the best cooking oven ever. Of course, it's made to be the most perfect cooking appliance the way it's designed to cook the food. I don't profess to be a cook, so I don't know the exact ins and outs of the procedure.  I just know the food is cooked so perfect. 

We slept well and arose at 7am with the tap, tap, tapping at the kitchen door of the other volunteer arriving for the work day. 

Our work list was accomplished before noon and we were feeling good about our project. The chef was back in the kitchen preparing our lunch of ham and cheese sliders. Not just any hot ham and cheese sandwich. But a Pinterest receive that was delicious with the extra topping. 

I'll go back to help with another project just for the food.

You can check her out here at Bobbie lately.


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  1. Ha Ha! I'll be glad to pay you and Peggy in lunch!!


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