Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Crawfish, eggs, filled baskets and an egg hunt all before the rain arrived. The meteorologist was exact with his prediction of rain at 3pm. So we moved our festivities up a few hours and had the perfect day. Not too hot. Not cold. And were finished right when the rain came down. 

The Great Easter Egg Hunt was right after the winding down of the crawfish, corn on the cob, potatoes, mushrooms, lemon and onion. 

The Easter Basket emptying was entertaining. 

It's ready, get set, go! 

The Egg Hunt for two and a half year olds  do not take very long. 

They make their own rules as they go along. 

Which is kinda cute. They share the same baskets at times. And they don't care who found the most.

And some big bunnies were there to enjoy the day. 

And eat and and play. 

Hope your a Easter Day was blessed too!


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  1. Happy Easter a day late! Looks like everyone had fun and those kiddos are really adorable. You're very blessed! I've never had crawfish but it looks like a fun way to celebrate!


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