Tuesday, April 14, 2015


My personal walk-a-thon I manage to do 2-3 days a week on my own personal track made around the boundary of the yard and right at the edge of the woods takes me 1 mile in about 12 minutes. 

My track is similar to a field track at a track meet in length and shape without the nice rubber or asphalt cover to enjoy walking or running on. 

I pass the almost completed greenhouse along the back stretch. It's been in the construction phase for a while now. It's scheduled for completion this spring. Yayyy!! 

A feathered friend is asleep in her house at the peak of the greenhouse front. I've seen her in and out recently. You can see her sleeping with her beak sticking out of her door.  

Probably because it's so dang hot tonite she can't breathe all cooped up in her teeny tiny little house on a pile of straw and twigs that she made her nest of. Just saying. 

Times up for me and I call it a run. 
My phone app tells me I went my mile. 

Gotta get in shape!


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  1. You are certainly ready for "Spring". That's neat about your Personal "Walk-A-Thon" - - After the rain is over, I plan to begin mine - - I keep finding Excuses to delay my Walk ! You will enjoy your "Green House" - - You already have a Green Thumb. - - - Looks like the little Birdie already is enjoying the "Green House". :>)


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