Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear June

My 30 days of June was spent keeping the little ones for the first part of summer. 
That's twelve hour days filled with remembering how it was 30 years ago with my own 3 under 5 years old. That would be breakfast, playtime/learning, snack time, lunch time, cleanup, naptime, playtime, snack again, wait for mommies to get home. And yes with meltdowns thrown in all day long. And sometimes spilt milk. 

But busy is the key. No time for being fussy-pants. 

Whether all together or separate we made good use of the summer days. 

Of course I have to show their parents that it's not all play and there is structural learning while the MawMaw's in charge. 

Flash cards were my choice of learning. And it was a huge success. A lot can be learned from flash cards. This was actually a Crazy 8's card game. We learned matching, same, different, counting, and choosing. And it never got old. Just had to distract the baby from all the fun. 

Tomorrow starts the second half of summer for me and them. I've got to up my strategy to keep things going smoothly. 


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  1. Lot of work - - but making Precious Memories - - for all - - I know ya'll all are Enjoying !


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