Friday, July 17, 2015

End of last week

Another week at MawMaw's stay-cation came to an end. Noon time has almost become my favorite time. My break during the day. Because it's quiet. It's still. Memories from 30 years ago when my three were little comes back fast. I finally know what Silence is Golden means. 

Molly - Dog is playing along very well. She's a good sport when she has to play dress up and wear wings. 

Seems she will do anything for all the attention and food droppings she's been getting for the last 6 weeks. 

One of the accomplishments so far is "we have a walker"! Yes!! I taught her to walk. 

And one failure of the summer stay-cation is somehow I left the door a-jar,, on a Thursday last week. I got a phone call on a Sunday that I left the door un-closed and the blowing wind and rain blew it open and flooded the foyer.

Ok. So. 
#1 - you called me 3 days after I left to tell me.
#2 - as your father said "do you not check your doors every day or every night?"
#3 - seems there was no wet wall or flood damage to repair. 
#5 - the adult kids are cray-cray and a little dramatic.

I inspected it when I returned and it looks fine to me. 


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  1. Interesting about the "Front Door" - - But I must say - - it's obvious those little Grand-Children & Molly-Dog are enjoying their Summer Vacation with Grandma - - - Very Exciting about the new little 'walker' - - Making Memories !


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