Friday, July 24, 2015


A funtastic weekend at Southern States Pageant Expo. Eighty-eight girls dressed in casual wear competing 1 time on stage for 5 pageant systems to win gifts and awards. 

Behind the scenes we take time to play with the phone. 

You get whatever a baby hands out. Either happy-ness or as the case with us a little bit fussy.  Pageant in the morning time and doctor appointment In the afternoon with a diagnosis of the onset of strep. Which last week big sister had. 

Still the show went on since we didn't know she felt so bad. 

The cute little casual wear that won her best fashion from 2 of the 5 pageants. 

And the long awaited results were in with baby Brynlee in 9-17 months awarded prettiest eyes.

And the 2 year old placed Queen in 1 of the 5 pageants, the Rocking Expo Pageant,  and fashion winner in 2 of the 5 pageants. 

We gladly take our wins and are thrilled to have placed in several titles with so many girls competing. 


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