Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The not so fun part

It's still mawmaw stay-cation. Only a few days left. 

It's not all sweet smelling, mawmaw spoiling, ever thing is sugar and spice kind of days. It's no secret things are not always just peachy.

There are 2 year old tantrums from two 2 year olds at one time. 

There are constant dirty stinky diapers from a teething just started walking baby. 

Spilled food and drink at almost every meal by someone. 

Little helpers who mean well and want to help with everything. 

That's ok. There's always something different everyday. 

They surely kept me on my toes. I swear I've lost 15 pounds this summer from up and down, up and down, and not stopping to eat much all day. It's actually been a workout. No wonder I was so skinny 30 years ago. And it being 100 degrees everyday probably helped to curb my appetite a whole lot.

I'm sure they had as much fun as me.

I'll be looking for a new project next week.


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