Monday, August 17, 2015

Don't Look

MawMaw's summer stay-cation celebrated the end of summer with a pizza party and a movie. And plenty of picture overload. So fair warning to you. 

These two will always be my "twins". Cousins at only 9 weeks apart. 

No one feels that way but me. Their moms call me crazy.

But they are too dog gone cute. 

And this is the baby till the next one comes. 

Plenty of sweet fun that should last me awhile. 

There's always MawMaw's Christmas vacation.



  1. They are adorable and you have every right to brag and even call them twins! The little baby is too sweet and I can see they all love you!

  2. They are so adoreable - - just so darn cute - - - and growing-up so fast. I know all of ya'll enjoyed the Summer Stay-cation. I know a lot of Memories were made !


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