Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Christmas Day Story

Joyful. Blessed. Giving. Receiving.

And a touch of the Griswalds and A Christmas Story all day long.

The obligatory group picture was taken before anything got underway. My way of for sure getting a group picture by bribing with no food or gifts and we can sit here as long as it takes until everyone cooperates. It worked.

Always the reading of The New Born King is a part of our day together because He is the Reason for the season. 

My story reading dwindled down to one participant as they left one by one. 

The story was finished. Then on to the food and gifts giving and receiving. 

Flying wrapping paper. Gifts opened and laid to rest while opening the next one. 

Then play time to try out all the new gifts. 

Then we visited each of their homes to see what Santa brought. We watched Cohen ride his dirt bike. He's really good at it. 

A real gasoline racing dirt bike with training wheels. 

And the girls a Frozen Jeep for two. They got their fill of Frozen Elsa stuff today. 

Now to face the New Year in a few days. May you be blessed in the New Year. 

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