Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Pageant

It's the last pageant of the year so it's a Christmas Santa Pageant. Dress attire was Christmas dress or Christmasy OOC.  

The picture before curtains go up with a glimpse of Santa. 

We racked up on awards, but no Queen title, again. Brynlee 1st runner-up and Best Fashion. 

Brooklyn Princess (next in line to Queen), Best Personality, Most Beautiful, and Photogenic.

I like when my outfit creations win Best Dressed as this candy cane one did. All the girls love their gifts and crowns for every award they won. 

And a quick picture with Santa. Not every little boy or girl wants to sit on Sant's lap. I don't blame them. 

Christmas is on its way. 


  1. Your creations are really beautiful and those sweet Grandkiddos are the cutest little girls! I'm sure those pageants are fun for them. They look like they are having fun and what little (or big!) girl doesn't love a crown! It brings out the inner princess in us all! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. The Girls are Beautiful - -(with or without a Crown) - - - and, your Creations are also Beautiful ! - - - Ya'll are definitely making Memories !


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