Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Four Day Holiday

It went down like this in 2015 on Labor Day Weekend.

Day One
We pulled in late evening. Set up our stuff. Our first visitors popped in to check us out. It was a glow in the dark night searching for frogs and bugs. 

They'll return again for some camping with us.

Its a flashlight shining at me.

Day Two

A morning walk around the lake with this following me. The brochure introduces Snowflake.
There was a kid's coloring contest. 

Yayyy!! Brooklyn won 2nd place in 0/3 years and won a Walmart gift card. And her and I both won door prizes. Her a tiny sea animal collection and a swim noodle. Me a rod and reel. We did good!

To end the evening a walk around the park with all 3 little ones, with a rest stop in the middle of everything.

Say cheese!

Day Three
Sitting by the pool and a few jumps in to cool off in the 99 degree temp.

Day Four
Of course, it wouldn't be Labor Day without the ol' cookout and pool time. 

We did it all. Swim, cookout, walks, camping, and fun for the official end of summer as RVers.


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