Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year's Eve VS The Future

New Years Eve didn't work out as planned. Doesn't take much to detour my plans. So when plan #1 failed, a quick plan #2 was conjured up. Only to die in disappointment. 

Plan 1 was being planned well in advance. Had my bags packed, New Year party hats and noise makers in the bag to have a sleep over while babysitting one of the grands while his parents were going out. 

We would do firecrackers at the other grands' house with their parents (I had babysit them during the day) then back to his house, watch a movie and turn in for the night. 

A phone call 2 hours before time saying they weren't feeling well and weren't going out so I didn't need to babysit for the night. 

Well. That's not going to stop me from having a New Years Eve Party with someone. I made a few quick calls of my own and set up a 3 girl all night party with the sisters. 

And just as quick as party #2 came together it got canceled just as quick. Cause, you see, I had one more call to make. Husband was an hour away at home and I called him to tell him my change in party plans. Long story short, he insisted I drive home and not stay. Because of New Year's Eve traffic and safety and everything else he could think of. 

I called the girls and canceled and drove home in the traffic after dark to spend The Eve with the husband and watched the New York Times Square ball drop, which was actually an hour ahead of my own midnight. It was touching to be in the moment of the New Year that God has given us. 

If my New Year's Eve is any indication of what the year brings its that I'll have plenty of days to plan to babysit, plenty of days to plan parties with the girls, and a year full of plans that may or may not work out. I'm good with that!

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  1. I hope 2016 is filled with all of those wonderful people and parties. :) Sounds like a winner for sure!

  2. I know you'll make wonderful Memories in 2016 with those 'Grands' - & those "Girls' ! ! !


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