Sunday, January 10, 2016

Old News From 2015

The old news from last year is What We Have Become. We haven't been much of vacationers since the kids have grown and gone. We did the beach trips, mountain vacations, Disney World, and other vacation destinations when the kids were young.  We should be traveling and vacationing. I love going places and being a tourists. I like nice hotels, being on the road, and seeing the sights our great country has to offer. Who doesn't?

Larry doesn't. He doesn't mind going places and doing things, but he doesn't like hotels. We have a problem. We have different likes in the traveling department. He came up with a compromise that we're going to try.

He suggested an RV travel trailer. He's thrilled. I'm not quite sure what to think. We're going to try and see if this meets both our traveling vacation likes. 

He researched and studied on-line all about RVs. Then went shopping.  It's a 2010, 29ft, traveling hotel.

We have become RVers.

We started spring 2015. The next few posts will be on the trips we've made thus far. 


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