Monday, January 11, 2016

The First Trip

Being RV newbies, the RV dealership gave us a few complimentary night stays at several close-by RV resorts. 

We booked our first RV road trip as guests at one of the complimentary stays. 

My expectations were high. I like clean, comfort, and convenience in everything. When we arrived, my bubble burst. 

The place was clean. I was uncomfortable. The site was close quarters to others. There was nothing to do in the area. Nothing was convenient to the "RV Resort".

If this is RV camping, I decided right quick I was not going to be happy. We had invited some family members to be with us. So we made the best of it. 

We did the campfire thing both nights. 

Hot fire.

We need to focus on campfires in the fire ring and not on blazing marshmellows on fire.

We utilized the pool in the daytime. And did the paddle boats once and fished once. No fish. And the paddle boats were so hard to paddle.

There sure were a lot of ducks. Scary, hungry ducks. 

They were everywhere.

If you wanted a restful weekend with nothing to do this would be it. 

But my interpretation of RVing is going and doing something exciting. Am I expecting to much in the RV world?


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