Friday, January 15, 2016

Trick and Treat 2015

We're treated ourselves to an RV road trip to Hot Springs Arkansas in October. Thus the treat in trick or treat. The trick is that we're combining our wedding anniversary, the fall foliage sights, and Halloween all into one event. The trick-y part of the trip.

Reservations were made at Catherine's Landing RV Resort..
We arrived about 3 pm on a Wednesday and are booked until Sunday's departure. Only a 7 hour trip with 3 stops we arrived accompanied with the dog-child and encountered no problems. It's quite cooler than the temps we are accustomed too. We drove into town to buy a few grocery supplies and eat dinner. 

Day one, Thursday, spent at the RV resort. Walks, cooking out, and leisurely doing nothing. Abundant wildlife to watch while walking and sitting around. Preparations for the decoration contest were made. I think I'm going to win. I have a great idea. I hope the prize is good. 

Friday we used as our tourist day. We went to the Historic downtown known for its "hot springs" dating back to the 1800's and we drove the scenic Hot Springs Natural Park.

The main attraction is the Bath Row Houses. The tour guide at the famous Fordyce House was very informative and interesting in the background of all 8 of the bath row houses. The bath houses began for medicinal reasons using the hot springs. Actual hot springs were coming up and flowing from the ground you could feel and drink and even fill jugs with water and take.

The Promanade Walk took us down the historic strip lined with old hotels, the old stores turned into restaurants and shops, and the 8 bath row houses. Fountains, running cascades of water over rock, and spikets to fill your containers with water. It made for a lovely informative walk. 

We ate lunch at a restaurant on the Promanade Walk and while enjoying lunch mapped out our way to drive thru the Hot Springs National Park Mountain.

We drove through and around the mountain of Hot Springs National Park to the lookout mountain tower. It was rather breezy and the fall foliage was not at its peak, which was suppose to be one of our treats on the trip. It was pretty and tranquil to drive thru. Only saw one squirrel. No bears, no deer. 

On the way back to Catherine's Landing RVC Outdoors, our home base, we stopped for a few small items for the site decoration contest. Remember I said I think I'll win. I plan to win the top prize. I'm competitive like that. But as we turn in the RV resort is filling up fast. So many have arrived while we were out for the day. There's going to be a lot of competition. I'll be decorating in the morning. A hint: it's what skeletons do when they camp.

After a morning hike, then out to lunch, we got into the Hallowern fun on the block. We decorated and donned a getup to at least say we were participating to the trick or treaters. Some candy remained after the last of the dressed up kiddos had passed. Plenty of oohs and ahhhs rang out from the passers by looking at my decoration setup. 

My dress up was coordinated to look like my skeleton set up. Awww, but sadly I did not win the contest. The site with the huge blow up black mechanical cat won. 
It was cute. Glad they won. Have to show my good sportsmanship side, you know.



  1. RV Memories are Fabulous ! So happy for ya'll to enjoy your R.V. as you Celebrate Retirement ! Making Memories ! !

  2. I missed this fun post but was happy to find it tonight! I love Halloween and I think your site was awesome. I have an October trip to Salem, Mass on my bucket list. It might have to wait until retirement! Cute pic of you!


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