Thursday, February 18, 2016

Five February Favorites

I'm linked to Mamakats writing prompt #5 - Five Most Recent Favorite Things. But I added February to the title for the all "F" sounds - Five February Favorites. So I'll get right to the list. 

#1 - Happy Birthday Month To Me.
My birthday is special. I'm thankful God gave me another year. I want to make the most of it. I've celebrated all month. I've done pretty good all month so far in celebration with Mardi Gras and Valentines Day and Birthday. And there's 11 days left for celebrating. 

#2 -  The USPS mailman. The mailman is the deliverer of all things good in February. There were mall shopping coupons in a mailer with a $10 Happy Birthday spending card just for me. I bought a shirt on the clearance rack marked 1/2 off clearance with the $10 Happy Birthday spending card and only had to pay $1.62 more. And spent the other coupons on Valentine goodies. And, the mailman delivered a McDonald's Gift Card to me from a special person. And, delivered my Ipsy monthly $10 makeup glam bag filled with all my favorites. A makeup bag, concealer by It Cosmetics, brush by Luxie, passionate pink lipstick by Chella, eye shadow by Naked, and hydrating creme by Seraphine Botanicals.

#3 - Hobby Lobby visit. 
Me and my Christmas Hobby Lobby gift card spent a few hours of shopping bliss for fabric and trims and glitter and bling. 

#4 - Spring is in the air.
Temps are up. Thoughts of spring and summer plans are racing thru my mind. My actual favorite time of the year. 

#5 - Of course my best February favorite. 
If you've visited my blog even once in your lifetime you've seen and read all about my three favorite of all things.

It's been a good month.


  1. Happy birthday to you! The kiddos are adorable. My mail just brings me junk and bills, so lucky you for getting all the loot!

  2. WOW - You certainly have been enjoying the Month of February - - and it's not even over yet ! So glad you are enjoying this Special Month ! Oh & Happy Birthday !

  3. Happy Birthday! I love snail mail too! Just wish I got more of it that wasn't bills.

  4. Hobby Lobby is AMAZING and is there anything better than getting little surprises in the mail? This has been a fun month!

  5. Happy Birthday! Love the pic of the grands--super cute!

  6. What a fun month for you. The candles, treats in the mail, valentines, shopping, and especially your children. Happy Birthday!

  7. I have my kids on the list of my favorites too. :) Happy Birthday month! Great way to celebrate....

  8. Well, happy birthday! I enjoyed reading your Mama Kat post!

  9. Happy Birthday Month! Sounds like you've had fun and I'm excited for spring to return!!! Enjoy the rest of the month.


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