Friday, February 5, 2016

Pageant Cover-up Cape Quick Project

I whipped up a couple of pageant cover-up capes on a Friday evening with nothing going on and a little boredom.

Inspiration came from a Facebook "friend" who I don't know personally but we friended each other thru pageants. She takes custom pageant orders and makes pretty pageant wear at a pretty price. 

We've been wanting a cover-up cape since the beginning of our pageant experience. Don't know why I didn't think to make one a while back. With my fabric stash and rolls and rolls of trim I made two in one night in about five hours. Those five hours included throwing a quick dinner together.

Just enough blue satin with just enough pink trim made one cover up cape. And her monogrammed name added. 

And just enough pink satin with matching fabric to make a ruffle made the second one with her monogrammed name. 

Each one has white satin lining which I have plenty of white still left. 

This is how they will look wearing over the pageant dress to serve the purpose of protecting the dress from drink and snack and water and sometimes boogers and finger prints and many other things that just happen while waiting. 

I'm going to add an iron on rhinestone applique of a crown above the monogrammed name. Just waiting on them to come in.  

A great accomplishment in just a few hours. Pageant seamstress sellers on Facebook sell this for $55 and up. Mine cost $0 because I had everything on hand, except the iron on appliques which are $6.03 total. 

"Well done" to me!

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  1. Beautiful! You are so Creative ! The "Cover-Up Capes" are truly Beautiful ! The Monograming add extra Fashion ! Well done !


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