Friday, February 12, 2016

To My Valentines

Of course, I have quite a few Valentines. 
But these are by far the cutest. 

Mardi Gras baby sitting day (because schools and day care take a holiday for Mardi Gras) was combined with a Valentine party. We had Valentine candy and pizza and made a Valentine banner. 

Pink and red hearts were pre-cut before the party.  Each chose sizes and colors of the hearts they wanted. We lined them up and taped them together. And applied puffy heart stickers to our heart banners. 

And the littlest one put all her puffy heart stickers on all by herself. 

Happy Valentines Day to all my Valentines:
    ❤️ husband 
    ❤️ kids and their spouses and girlfriends
    ❤️ grand kiddos 
    ❤️ sisters 
    ❤️ brother 
    ❤️ And, blogger friends

I'm linked to mamakat's writing prompts #5 Valentine day tradition.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day ! Those are some very cute little Valentines !

  2. Awwww! Look how adorable they are all lined up like that! :)


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