Monday, April 25, 2016

Helllloooo from Coyote Canyon

We couldn't say no to an invitation from our oldest to Arkansas RV camping with them and their friends. 

Though, the objective is to supply housing and backup support for their little one while they were on treacherous four wheeler trails with adults. 

While the adults were away in the daytime we blew bubbles, rode the little bike, searched for bouncy balls that bounced behind the couch, and rode into town one day. 

The adults first day was a 72 mile rocky boulders trail up the mountain. The second day was a 68 mile easy trail with caves and small water falls.  

The third day was the easiest day with a short easy trail ride for all with a little rock climbing, water falls, and mountain creeks. 

And river rock skipping and throwing rocks to splash. 

We collected a few rocks to take home. I came away with a real white quartz rock. Not quite big enough to redo my kitchen counter tops though. 

Sharing the RV life. 

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  1. The location is Beautiful! Ya'll are truly enjoying your new Journey of Retirement. I'm so happy for ya'll ! Ya'll are making wonderful Memories with those little ones. Enjoy the Journey ! P.S. - - that's a LOT of Beautiful Rocks !


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