Sunday, April 17, 2016

Home Spa Day

Company came. So we made it a girls day with dress-up, a make-over, and a mani-pedi. 

What mawmaw wouldn't make it extra special, extra fun. Even if the mom and dad needed to chill just a bit. I don't know why the parents were getting a little  nervous. 

She did my face, too. She kinda went with the Monster High look of those dolls that are on the shelves in the stores. 

Then the mani-pedi. She was so in to this. Her mom polishes her nails and toes often. But it's just something new when you're allowed to have complete control and do it yourself. 

Tho, there were a few spills on the floor, and on the clothes and I had to act like and say everything was fine, no problem.

Her mom gave in and let her do hers after I persuaded and bribed her to participate in the fun. 

I think the mom actually enjoyed the moment.

Company left. What happens at mawmaws stays at mawmaws. 

The parents wanted to kill me for letting their child do this. Especially when I was out of nail polish remover when it got time to clean her up. We did get the make up off and get her back to clean. 

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  1. Truly enjoyed this ! Still Laughing ! You are such an Entertaining Grandmother! Looks as though ALL the Girls enjoyed playing Dressing Up.


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