Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring in the wilderness

It's been spring for a while. Way before the official day on March 21st or so. Only complaint has been the rain, the floods, and more rain. 

But things are shining bright and giving shout outs to spring. 

Azaleas were the first to welcome spring. The bridal wreaths are cascading down with white. Roses have tiny buds bursting open. Deep purple iris' are in full showing. 

And lavender wisteria hanging around beautifully. This one wisteria combined from two plants on the front fence at the roads. They began as tiny wild runners that we pulled up along a deserted side of the road about 7 years ago and replanted them at the fence. They grow and grow and grow and bloom and bloom and bloom every year at the beginning of spring. 

The only down side is they don't last very long. The flowers will be gone very soon and only an abundance of green leaves will be there. So it has to be enjoyed and shared while its at its peak. 

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Our 8in. of snow we got last night has probably ruined any chances of a lovely, flower filled Spring here! I'll just have to enjoy yours!


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