Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello Sunshine

That's what I read on my package delivered by the USPS.

I subscribed to a monthly mono box that after keeping up with daily on FB for the last few months I caved and subscribed and received my first monthly box. I like the results and so glad I subscribed and look forward to one every month now for only $21.95. I've come across quite a few monogram subscription boxes online. 

My July monobox included monogram beach towel, monogram casual bracelet, and 2 drink coozies.

The beach towel is aqua in color, large in size 60"x30". It's not a thick towel, but tightly woven. 

The monogram bracelet is a corded double band with an adjustable slip and slide closure with monogram letters nicely set on gold plated bar.

Their FB page gives you a monthly preview of what to expect in the month coming up. Next month is a mono tote! 
Check it out here

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  1. How fun to get a little gift to yourself every month! I loved your zoos from the previous post. Nicely done! Great way to keep all the critters in one place!


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