Monday, July 18, 2016

My Zoo Project

The "My Zoo" stuffed animal storage is a cute idea seen on Etsy and then came to life in our work shop. On Etsy it looks like this on many different Etsy shops.

All colors lined up on Etsy for sale from $95 up to $150. 

So our project began with a trip to Lowe's to purchase 2x4's, rope, and paint to make 3 "My Zoo's", for a total amount right under forty bucks. A lucky grab of 8oz Valspar paint on sale for 99 cents each (regular priced $3.89) helped to keep the "My Zoo's" way under budget. Except, there really was no budget, but I'm proud of rock bottom sale prices. 

Soooo, I bought 2 each of sassy lilac, blush pink, and deep twilight blue Valspar 8oz paint samples. Tho I would have preferred another pinker  color, there wasn't a large selection of colors left to choose from. 

My project was taken over by my workshop/tool owner and I became the project manager over seeing the progress. I determined the size of the "My Zoo" should be 18" square by 32" high. 

Then all glued and nailed together waiting  for day 2 to paint. 

With two coats of paint there is enough of the 99 cents samples left to make at least two more "My Zoo's".

On day 3 after paint was fully dry, ropes were stapled in for the animal caged look. 

The hardest part was the words "My Zoo". I needed a stencil to add the words. Office Depot only had straight box letters in stencil form. And I wanted a cute-sy kinda font. So I printed it off the computer, taped together, and cut out. It presented a few problems since it was a handmade stencil. But only had to sand the words off once and repaint and re-stencil. 

They are finished and I love the end result. They're ready to be delivered and become home to all the stuffed animals laying around.

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  1. Gin - - You and "Paw-Paw" are certainly enjoying ya'lls recently new roles as Grandparents.....Ya'll are Blessed - - and so are those Grandchildren to have ya'll as Grandparents! Your "My Zoo" Project is Awesome ! It's Adoreable. Personally, I'm also looking forward to seeing the "My Zoo" Project ...soon ! :>)


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