Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dog Sitting

Not only has my time for the past 3 weeks been providing daycare services for my grand children while the parish schools/pre-k/day cares are all in flood disaster mode in repair and rebuild to hopefully resume classes next week, but I'm also obligated to provide services to the grand-dogs as well. That includes putting taking them out for bathroom breaks, feeding, keeping them quiet during quiet time, and referring between the human-grands and the grand-dogs.

First, there's Macy and me. She's stays by my side cause the kiddos are a little rambunctious and she's not too thrilled when all of them are at her house. Plus her barking will wake the dead. 

And there's Molly. She is just fine as long as you're eating. She's going to bug you to death till you share your food with her. And her bark is too loud, also. When the pizza man rings the door bell there is no conversation to be had. Just pay the guy,  take the food, and close the door cause she's not going to stop barking. 

I alternate days at each kids house with all the grands lumped into that house that particular day. One kid got a new puppy this week. So that means more outside bathroom breaks and more refereeing.

His name is Max. Don't know if he's a grand-dog or a human-grand cause they are playing house and he's the baby. 

So far he's playing nicely. 

It's either me and the kiddos or me and the dogs. 

They even come to visit me when I'm not at their house babysitting. 

In the meantime, my at home Poochie-dog is enjoying her vacation from me.

And I haven't mentioned the outside grand-dogs yet. 


  1. What a wonderful bunch of 'grands' - including the baby dogs! You are in the Prime of your Life.....Making Memories. ENJOY !

  2. Cute kiddos and pups! You are one busy lady but how wonderful they can count on you to make life a bit easier during this flood disaster! Hope all goes well!


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