Saturday, September 17, 2016

And it ends

It's been four weeks of mawmaw daycare after the Louisiana Great Flood 2016. It's come to an end with pre-k/daycare school resuming on Monday,  after the school was flooded and now repaired and resuming classes.

It's sad and sweet. Sweet to see the kiddos grow in statue and learning and developing into their own little selves as they face their world at pre-k/daycare again. 

So to face my sadness to let them go back to their normalcy we took to the zoo for the day. 

All area kids have trickled back to school and their regular schedules since the flood, so the zoo wasn't crowded at all on a Thursday. The weather wasn't as hot in the mid morning and a little cool breeze came and went. The animals were mostly tucked away napping or eating their morning snack. 

The Tigers were the best on this day. Pacing front and center for us a close up view. 

It was a perfect look to go along with our LSU Tigers football weekend. 

Tigers and giraffes as always my favorite of zoo animals. 

Couldn't get enough of the tiger view. 

The giraffe was far away and wouldn't come see us. 

Time out for a snack. 

Back on the trail again. 

There were air conditioned exhibits for the snakes and aquarium exhibits. The petting zoo and playground was next. 

Water features peaked their interest. 

Making our way to the train station for a train ride thru the zoo. 

All aboard!! Waiting to pull out. 

Nice to sit and ride for a while and take in the scenery all through the zoo. ,

A trip to the souvenir shop was a must for me. Then loaded up and stopped for a late lunch. 

My readers can breathe a sigh of relief now. No more grand kiddos pictures for awhile. I have to find something else to do everyday. 


  1. How wonderful you were able to be there for them and I'm sure they will be as sad as you to see the end of Grandma day care! The zoo looked fun and I was getting tired just thinking about all that walking! Loved all the Grandkiddo pics..they are adorable!

  2. The Pictures tell a very Enjoyable Story! I enjoyed the mini-tour of the Zoo ! I know those little-ones enjoyed your few weeks of Day-Care as much as you did - - as Memories were certainly made.


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