Monday, September 19, 2016


A trip into town went a little like this:

Drop off two chairs and an ottoman at St. Andrews Mission, which is like a Good Will but locally owned and run by a church. We kept the dog.

A stop at Hobby Lobby to specifically purchase some upholstery foam which they did not have so I wandered around and purchased some items to make a fall pumpkin. Wait till you see it!!! I'll post about it soon. 

Cruise thru the mall looking for anything on clearance I might like and then on a whim went into the hair salon in the mall and got a hair cut. 


Back home to clean house and cook.

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  1. Nice way to spend the day - - Will we be seeing New Chairs :>) Love your new hair-do. Poochie-Dog gets cuter everyday. Looking forward to seeing your Home-Made Pumpkin!


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