Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pumpkin Making

Happy First Day Of Fall..........


I'm showing a little love for fall this week. I watched several You Tube videos on making pumpkins for fall decor. I decided on the ribbon mesh pumpkin by combining a few ideas from several videos and then tweaking with my own touch.

I bought the supplies at a recent Hobby Lobby stop. 

  • Orange ribbon mesh 21" x 30'. The $9.99 roll is 50% off, so only $5.
  • Pack of pipe cleaners. Cost a couple bucks.
  • Really only need a spool of trim, but I'm a sucker for any all trim. And always 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I spent $15 on trim. One roll at $5 would have worked.
  • Hot glue gun and scissors you have.
Cut the orange mesh in about 12 inch lengths. At the end of the roll I had cut 28 strips that are 21"x12". 

To begin make 4 sections of the pumpkin with 7 strips in each section 

Roll each strip in its natural form and twist a pipe cleaner about 2" from end. Nice and tight. 

Attach the next 6 strips in same manner. Lined up close to each other, nice and tight, twisting pipe cleaner around. Extend each pipe cleaner with another to keep it consecutive. 

After attaching 7th rolled strip, start 2nd pumpkin section in same way, then 3rd and 4th sections. 

That was the top of the pumpkin you just attached together. Now take each section and attach each 7 strips together in same manner to form the bottom. Keep bottom rolled strips in same order as top that you just attached together, keeping them close and tight. 

Now strips at the top and bottom have been connected in each of  the 4 sections. Ready to connect each section.  Twist closely and tightly the hanging end of the pipe cleaner to each section on top and on bottom. 

Push finished ends into the pumpkin on top and on bottom and shape as needed.

Hot glue a circular piece of the burlap trim on the bottom to give a more finished look and will stabilize it for sitting.

Hot clue stem and leaves cut from your choice of trim. I used printed burlap and shiny ribbon. 

What you think? 

Final measurements of the pumpkin are:
12" high
19" across the top
53" around the pumpkin.

Use your imagination for other options like put a string of lights that are battery operated in the inside of the pumpkin or attach it to a wire wreath to make a door wreath.  

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  1. It's Beautiful ! You seem to be enjoying putting it together. You'd make a Great Teacher ! Happy Fall !


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