Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tiger Season

In between time while my people are still in flood disaster/assistance/rebuilding mode and I in emergency daycare mode because all the parish schools and the daycare was flooded and being repaired, I was given fabric to make outfits for a "Tiger Rock" photo shoot to kick off the football season.

 We're purple and gold and tigers. I ordered iron-on flocked appliqués found on-line. I couldn't decide on just one so I ordered two designs and will let the mom choose. 

Two matching sister outfits of a dress and  pantaloons are made. Now have to decide on which applique and which trim. The appliqués won't have the yellow background. It's just what it's packaged in until it's in its final state ironed on. And don't know yet if ribbon bows and ric-rac trim or  buttons and hem border panel. The dress is fully lined with the contrasting fabric. 

The decision is in. The mom choose the full head tiger applique placed in the center chest area and the border panel along the hem and buttons on the shoulder flaps in place of bow. 

Ta-da!!! The final look. 

Buttons on shoulder. Extra bows for shoes or socks. And Tiger hair bow.

Only one problem now. The professional photographer that had scheduled the photo shoot for all her clients was a victim of the 2016 Louisiana Flood disaster and had to postpone the photo shoot. But they'll be ready when the show goes on.


  1. Those are adorable. Great job! Reminds me of the clothes my mom used to make us back in the day. There were four of us girls and sometimes we all matched. :)
    xx Beca

  2. Those are Beautiful !! - - I think it's great the 2 Little Girls will be dressed alike. They will be Adoreable ! Geaux Tigers !


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