Friday, October 7, 2016

Not The Fair-est Of All

October brings fairs and festivals, Ferris Wheels and rides, the Midway, fair food, agrculture and livestock, and such, which I love and have attended my entire life. 

So we went to one on a Thursday mid-day. Being a school day, it wasn't crowded in the least.  That's me in the center in the pink shirt. 

BUT. The rides didnt operate until 4pm. So I didn't get to ride the Ferris Wheel which was my whole intention of going. 

A bigger BUT was not all the livestock was entered. It was only day 2 of a 10 day fair so I guess we were a bit early. 

They weren't too interested in a picture with me. 

And even the food didn't have the same flair as a Mdway filled with rides spinning  round and round and people crowded everywhere. Even the games didn't have the guy luring you in. 

Maybe I just remember the way it was. And not that I'm older and it's different.

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  1. It was certainly a Beautiful Day to be Outdoors for the Fair !


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