Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Toy Soldier

There's a Christmas Toy Soldier in my life. I've been working on it for a week now. 

Since it's a girl toy soldier, the top has a twirl to it, stripes down the sleeves and straps across the chest. Red and gold bling everywhere. Pants with side stripe like every toy soldier/nut cracker has. And black boots for sure. 

After looking at hundreds of Christmas Toy Soldier's helmets online I decided on what style I would make. Trust me when I say no two helmets are exactly alike. Even while in malls with Christmas Toy Soldiers on display, I would stop and take note of every detail. 

This helmet has a feather, gold trim to match the top and pants, black bib, and black chin strap. 

I cut and formed a heavy sheet of sewing stabilizer interfacing into the size and shape of the helmet,  then sandwiched it with thin quilt batting on one side and gold sequin fabric on the other side, using spray adhesive to adhere in layers. I did the bib the same, then hot glued the bib to the helmet edge. Then hot glued all the embellishments and attached an elastic sequin band for the chin strap. 

And a Christmas Toy Soldier can't be without her shoulder tassel decoration, for lack of proper term. 

It's for a 2 and 1/2 year old who is going to be a Christmas Toy Soldier for a day.



  1. The Outfit is Incredibly Beautiful! Your Little Granddaughter will truly be a Beautiful Toy Soldier!

  2. I'm so amazed at your talent and ability to make such beautiful outfits! Love this and I know your Granddaughter will look lovely! Have a wonderful Christmas!


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