Tuesday, February 21, 2017


We're doggie sitting one of the grand dogs. Joy is her name and her parents are facing real life moments:
* sold a house
* no closing date on the new house
* they are homeless
* so living with the aunt of the bride-to-be which is also their realtor
* getting married in less than two weeks
* going on a week long honey moon
* and, have no where to leave the dog for about 3 weeks. 

First a sibling kept Joy. Only for three days. She barked all night and escaped out under the privacy fence. 

Then they tried a dog sitter for two days. Which would be great if it wasn't over $400 a month fee for her services. 

We're trying next. We requested a dog house along with the dog. So far. So good. We haven't heard a peep out of her. The first night she slept in her dog house all night till 8am the next morning when I went to check on her. She came our stretching and wagging her tail.

She's eating well. We feed her more than we were instructed too. She may go
home a little heavier than when she arrived. 

I take her for walks and she trots around looking for her mom and dad. 

But she's a little saddened not knowing why her life is all upside down. I tell her they'll all be back together at their new home ASAP. 


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