Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Side by side

On a majority of our RV trips some of our kids and their family would meet us and camp with us. I enjoyed being the hostess, mawmaw on the scene, and in charge. But, one group loved it so much they purchased their own camper. Now they want to follow us and camp out beside us. 

They made their initial trip and invited us along beside them. It was really the same for me. I still was the mawmaw on scene and we hosted the breakfast each morning. Only difference was that we slept 2 instead of 6. A big difference. Quieter and roomier. 

It was a quick close-by stay and an off season weekend not crowded. I took advantage of an early morning walk. We're early risers. They're sleepy heads. We had planned the meal schedules as to who would do which. So we were heads up on getting things ready and done. We rode bikes both days, all day. 

They hosted the bonfire and smores' night. Marshmallow toasting memories will last forever. 

Smores' seemed to hit the spot.

The fire was roaring with a slight chill in the air. 

And a lovely rare moon that night makes the case for a camping weekend life. 

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  1. What a wonderful weekend of Camping with the Children - - - Making Memories !! ENJOY !


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