Saturday, September 20, 2008

20 Little Things To Treasure In Autumn

1. Swinging on the porch swing in the cool morning.
2. Turkey and Dressing
3. Leaves changing colors
4. Guys going hunting and girls going shopping.
5. Hay bales
6. Start a new quilt project
7. Fall scents - cinnamon, apple, pumpkin
8. Jack-0-lanterns and mums
9. Haunted houses
10. Glow of lights at dusk
11. Family
12. Friends
13. Local Fairs - rides, food, fun, family,
14. Holidays
15. Candles
16. Fuzzy Slippers
17. Long warm bubble bath
18. Start my Christmas gift list
19. Son's Birthday
20. Our wedding anniversary

Look here to view others list.



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  2. Hi,
    I have added you to the swwap list. You just need to email me some details so that I can give them to your swap partner. Details on Christmas swap post. It it by the end of the month at the latest please.
    Best wishes

  3. Great list! You have inspired me to do my own.
    Oh, BTW, beautiful blog - I love the layout.


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